Travis’s Clark growing up he knew he always wanted to be a mechanic. His true passion was building and fabricating Jeeps and anything with suspension; which is what drove him to take a internship at Teraflex- after attending automotive school. After building a jeep for the owner of Gillett Diesel service (who immediately offered him a job) after seeing his excellent craftsmanship. His love for suspension and off-road vehicle fabrication quickly grew into building and fabricating diesel race trucks with his best friend Trevor Peterson. Together these two built T-Pain from the ground up.

Trista Peterson never had any intensions of working in the automotive industry. She first started out taking an office role for Gillett Diesel Service while attending college. Her drive for perfection and her eagerness to learn eventually landed her the role working as the parts manager for the organization. She continued to strive to stay knowledgeable on the best quality of parts available on the market. Her passion to grow, she eventually convinced her husband on the idea of starting T-3 Speed Shop along with a long-time co-worker and friend Travis Clark.
A High-Octane Dream Team

Trevor Peterson AKA Curb, but better known as T-pain. Trevor has been fiddling with diesel truck since high school. Before there were diesel trucks there were dirt bikes. Trevor’s need for speed is like any other race junky, always wants more power and faster speeds. His need for speed and love for the automotive industry is what drove him to start T-3 Speed Shop with his best friend Travis Clark. ​

The start of T-3 Speed Shop made sense for everyone involved. The 3 members Trista, Trevor, & Travis started this organization because they all have talents and knowledge to evolve this company into a successful origination. The trifecta team of the automotive industry; all working together to offer their customers the best automotive parts available, quality craftmanship, and superior knowledge.