2004-2007 Budget Turbo Stage 1
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2004-2007 Budget Turbo Stage 1


Stock Garrett 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
425 to 525+HP
Billet 61x88 single plane compressor wheel with extended tips to 93mm
Upgraded 360 degree thrust bearing
100% drop in ready (no modifications required)
New VGT Solenoid
Brand new! NO CORE required The KC Budget turbo series was designed with the rising costs of everything in our daily lives in mind. We were able to put together this affordable turbo that is reminiscent of our original KC Stage 1 turbo. The stock Garrett cover has been milled out to accept a larger compressor wheel. We also, replaced the bearings in the center section to the upgraded 360 thrust washer. All while still carrying our complete KC Turbos 1 Year unlimited mile warranty!

We get a lot of questions about what is better about our KC 6.0 Jetfire turbos. The Jetfire turbos will out perform these budget turbos in every way. They will spool faster and make more power and have a lot more upgraded parts. With the state of the economy and changes in the world we had customers asking for a more budget friendly option and now we have one.

IMPORTANT: Please read below!!!

If you want the jet whistle then order a 2003, the 2003 will bolt on the 2004-2007 trucks but you will have to run 1 less bolt. The 2003 will spool slightly slower, make slightly more power, and have that famous Jet Whistle you are looking for.

If you want LESS WHISTLE then order the 2004-2007. This version will whistle less and build a little more boost at lower rpms, but will make a little less top end power. This version will not fit a 2003 turbo without extensive modification. Please contact us with questions.

**We highly recommend Custom SCT tuning to go with your turbo**

**Polished covers can take a 1-2 week lead time**

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester