Balanced Assembly Turbo Kit - 6.0 Powerstroke (2005-2007)
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Balanced Assembly Turbo Kit - 6.0 Powerstroke (2005-2007)


The KC Turbos drop in GTX style billet compressor wheel with extended tips are a great upgrade for someone looking for a little quicker spool and a little more air flow. Our testing has shown that the 11 blade single plane wheels perform better than the stock dual plane design.

The KC Turbos 10 blade Turbine design flows much more and reduces EGT's. Giving you a lot more on the top end performance. This will give you a very loud whistle sound! Some say it sounds like a jet engine.

Drop In ready
Balanced and ready to install
Upgraded 360 thrust bearing
Increases air flow
Lower EGT's
10 Blade High Flow Turbine Wheel
11 blade single plane compressor wheel
360 rebuild kit Included

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester