KC Jetfire Stage 2 Turbo (SPECIAL COVER) - 6.0 POWERSTROKE (2003)
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KC Jetfire Stage 2 Turbo (SPECIAL COVER) - 6.0 POWERSTROKE (2003)


This KC Jetfire turbo works great on stock injectors, but to fully take advantage of all the extra air flow we recommend a 175/30 or 190/30 injector. This is a great turbo for those looking to push the limits of their truck. This turbo is made for those who are looking for more top end power but still want to have the ability to tow max weight. This turbo will tow max weight with ease as long as you watch your temps and keep your rpms up. This turbo has a very loud whistle.

**We highly recommend Custom SCT tuning to go with your turbo**

**Our polished covers require a 1-2 week lead time**

NOTE: We build our stage 2 turbos from 2003 cores. These come with the better turbine wheel, better vanes, and will bolt on ANY YEAR. Some years you will only run 2 mounting bolts instead of 3.

**EXHAUST BRAKES: We get asked a lot about exhaust brakes and if they work with our turbos. We have found that some brands have clearance issues and might cause the brake to hinder performance, rub the turbine wheel, or cause other issues. These brakes typically use some sort of flapper to close which causes extreme exhaust back pressure to aide in braking. This can be hard on a turbo and motor and is not recommended. It will be up to the customer to verify fitment and functionality.**Recommended injectors: 175cc/30%
Maximum injectors: 190cc/30%
Minimum injectors: 155cc/30%
Features & Details:
515 to 615 HP
Our redesigned lighter 64x88mm single plane point milled billet wheel with extended tips to 94mm
Upgraded .70ar race compressor cover with our signature drilled hole surge ring for maximum air flow
Our redesigned 73x66 10 blade quick spool turbine wheel
New high flowing vanes
Upgraded 360 thrust bearing
100% drop in ready (no modifications required)
New VGT solenoid
Brand new! NO CORE Required

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester