KC Reaper 500 Twin Turbos - 3.5 EcoBoost (2013-2016)
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KC Reaper 500 Twin Turbos - 3.5 EcoBoost (2013-2016)


The KC Reaper 500 Twin Turbos for the 3.5 EcoBoost have undergone extensive research and development, resulting in enhanced performance and power. We utilized our Ford Powerstroke Turbos as a baseline, and then improved upon them by redesigning the compressor and turbine wheels and creating new, more efficient turbine housing and compressor covers.

With these upgrades, your 3.5 engine will have the potential to outperform even the Coyote. Please note that HP levels are very reliant on Octane levels. To get the maximum performance out of your new turbos we highly recommend 91-93 octane or even running and ethanol blend of e30. If using higher ethanol blends (E40-E80), it may be necessary to upgrade the stock low and high pressure fuel pumps. Please contact your tuner with any questions.Features & Details:
KC Custom Spec Compressor Wheel
KC Custom Spec Turbine Wheel
Capable of 500whp
Upgraded Racing Cover
~20% larger Turbine Housing
Upgraded Anti Surge Ring
100% Drop-in Ready
Installation Gaskets & Components Included
Rebuildable Journal Bearing Design
No Core Required
Same Day Shipping Available
Includes High Flow Outlet Flanges

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester